Thursday, 2 February 2017

Last Winter

Hoodie - Bape Shark 1st Camo Hoodie
Bomber Jacket - Air Tokyo
Jeans - Each to Their Own
Shoes - Balenciaga Arena

This photo was taken in the famous Duomo. This iconic place for shopping is arguably one of the biggest fashion cities in the world, Milan. This picture was actually not meant to feature me "supposedly", but evidently I make this picture go from 0-100 real quick.

We went on January 7th 2016. Surprisingly in Milan, the sales were still on and changed depending on how much items you bought. For example, if an item has 30% off, they may offer you to buy 2 items and get 40% off both.

From this shopping trip, I bought a lot of things I didn't need, but thats nothing new. I got a pair of Nike x Gyakusou runners in the Gucci colour-way. Apparently this colour was impossible to get a hold of here in England. However in Milan there were loads of pairs on sale. I bought a Hood By Air hoodie which was also half price. I will provide pictures of all the items I bought in a future post.

Overall, Milan is by far one of my favourite cities because of the exclusivity of items which can be found there. But aside from the fashion, food in Milan is something you need to try. Ever wondered how nice a pizza can be? Visit Milan..... or any other Italian city.

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