Tuesday, 7 February 2017

More Margiela than a Maison

Maison Margiela Sweater
I am drawn to clothing with different textures as it brings out the outfit and stands out from a standard boring grey jumper. It helps break up the outfit and gives a better aesthetic. This jumper is extremely well made. Looking from another persons perspective, it looks different yet wearable.

I was looking for this jumper in every city I visited whilst on my year abroad. Some staff members looked at me with a confused face, I didn't know if it was my accent or the simple fact that they hadn't heard of the sweater.

A$AP Rocky had been seen wearing this exact garment which may have been the reason why it was selling out faster than usual. He completed the look by wearing the matching shorts which were included in the SS15 collection.

After this jumper was released by Maison Margiela, many other designers took inspiration and started to make their own version. However none were as good as the original.

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