Friday, 3 February 2017

One Sec let me chat about clothes

Overcoat - Allsaints
Jumper - Cos
Jeans - Represent
Sneakers - Balenciaga

The new season pieces are now coming into store. Gucci is definitely a brand to look out for. Also, another brand to look out for this season is Balenciaga. They have brought out some pieces which I think will be very popular this season. 

Balenciaga runners are one of my favourite shoes out right now. They go with everything. You can dress them up and dress them down which is the look I usually go for. I had no intention of buying these, I  was just walking through Harvey Nichols and saw these on the shelf, the person who worked there told me they had just arrived that day and this was the last pair, which was my size. I tried them on and I couldn't not buy them. 

Iv heard many people go on about how these runners are very comfortable. This is a lie. They aren't that comfortable, but they are more comfortable than other luxurious shoes I have tried on. 

Overcoats are great to dress up and dress down with. Here I am wearing a black overcoat from Allsaints and wearing it with a salmon/terracotta colour jumper from Cos. I like dressing down pieces to make them look effortless. The overcoat is called the "Rainer coat" and the jumper is from last season.

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